What Is Got HarMoney?

Meet Jen

Hi there thanks for visiting! I am going to be upfront with you; my story is not one of going from rags to riches.  However, ever since I can remember the topic of money has surrounded me and I became intrigued with people’s struggles in this area. I was fortunate to have been told a few do’s and don’ts early on.  It was while I was a Realtor that I realized my life’s purpose.  Seeing people not knowing where their money was going and unaware as to how much house they could afford really impacted me!

Shortly thereafter, the opportunity presented itself and I was selected to participate in the Military Spouse Fellowship program from which I became an Accredited Financial Counselor.  This means I am being continually educated and getting the latest information in the field of financial literacy (aka money management education) to better serve YOU.  So not only do I have a passion for this and experience, but I am a professional.

The men and loves of my life!

Most importantly, I am on a mission.  I am on a mission to help women find their HarMoney.  Although money is not by any means a gender issue, women tend to take a significant role in the household, so they can influence their family’s financial wellness for the better.  In pursuit of educating women on money so they can do this, Got HarMoney? was born.  At Got HarMoney? our mission is to coach, inspire & empower women in knowing and bettering their financial situation in an upfront, genuine but caring manner.

Other tidbits about me:  I am a mother of two boys and a proud military spouse.  I enjoy exercising, traveling, photography and volunteering in my community.

I hope you find this website helpful, that you come back often, take action, & see the latest happenings!

Together we can help you find HarMoney so let’s connect soon!

To Your HarMoney,

Jennifer Hemphill, AFC  •  Your Money Coach